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Our Story


There is a time in life where everything seems to be going wrong but then you somehow end up where you need to be. That was the case for me in 2018. I had built a restaurant that I loved and was passionate about. However, the business partnership was toxic and was causing strife in my home life. After eight (8) years of commitment, I decided to put my family first and step away from a successful restaurant that I put so much of myself into. I had no real plan of what was next, but I at least knew that I needed to change something about my life so I took a step of faith and trusted God to lead me. I did several projects to re-learn what I like to do. After about half a year, I realized that I still wanted to continue my quest in creating a fun Mexi-Cali grill and creamery. With the help and support of my beautiful wife, we prayed for God to provide a way to raise the money that we need to be able to make this dream come true. We looked for locations for about a year with no luck. I kept telling myself that this is what I wanted and that God will make a way and that's exactly what happened. 


It was may of 2019 when the unpredictable happened. I got a text of a restaurant that had just become available on an endcap in Frisco. The amazing part about it was that everything that I needed to build out the restaurant was already done. Not only was the build out the way that I needed it, but it was a 2nd generation restaurant that had all of the equipment and seating that I needed. After a very exciting and at the same time stressful month and a half of negotiations, we finally made a deal and signed the lease in September of 2019. My wife and I worked tirelessly to re-do the booths, paint the walls, build custom shelves, re-haul the kitchen to maximize efficiency etc. On January 01, 2020 we finally crossed the finish line and opened our doors. It has been a complete turn around from where I was just a couple of years ago and it is my honor and privilege to serve our customers. My wife and kids have grown together in a beautiful way through this experience and we are doing our best to survive this very challenging Pandemic that we are facing. 


We love and appreciate all of the support that we have received from our customers. You guys are the reason we love what we do! Thanks for reading this and see you next time at CASA DEL BRO!!



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